Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Guide to SquidooGroups Changes: Part One

The powers that be at Squidoo have announced that some serious changes will be made to the way groups are managed at If you have not already read Kimberly’s post on the SquidU Review, it has plenty of detail about the current changes, and more to come in the near future.

Squidoo Squid

Here are the highlights from Making Groups Great: Do you have what it takes?

“As of right now, no new Groups can be created.”

If you were thinking of making a group to fit some of your newest, best or loneliest lenses, it will now have to wait. As the SquidTeam sorts through existing groups to see what’s what, their job will be made easier by a halt in new group creation.

No word yet on when groups will be opened up for creation again. If you’d like to sound off about it, you can join in Groundswell’s SquidooGroups debate.

What this means for lensmasters:

For the time being, we no longer need to wonder if any new groups have been created that would benefit from the submission of our best lenses. In addition, this closes one avenue that might keep us from polishing our existing groups and lenses. And of course, it means those of use that might have been making groups will just have to make new lenses instead.

“We’re setting our expectations for your existing Groups a little higher.”

The SquidTeam is checking up on groups that have already been made. They want to see who has been running groups that make good use of the tools provided, and who is stepping up to the plate with the new standards.

What this means for lensmasters:

If you’ve made groups that don’t fit in with the intended purpose of SquidooGroups, you’ll need to do one of three things:

Close the group. Many groups have been disbanded already.

Transfer the group. Plenty of lensmasters would be happy to take over for you. Just make a post in the SquidU Groups forum and let everyone know it’s up for grabs.

Improve the group. More on that in an upcoming post!

“We’re going to choose up to 100 of the very BEST groups on Squidoo and unlock a special tool just for them. These groups will fit a list of our criteria and be nominated by SquidStaff and our Angels.”

Our SquidTeam is looking for the best of the best, and whoever makes the cut gets a special prize. Once again, our beloved Squidoo is rewarding members who do more than the bare minimum.

What this means for lensmasters:

If you’re already running groups to the best of your ability, you could be getting a nice bonus tool this summer. If you’re running groups with a minimum of effort, you’ll need to pull up your socks and polish your group mastering skills (or give someone else a chance to do it by transferring your group).

It also means that our lenses which are in groups (especially these top 100) may be getting a little more love in the future. A good group showcases their best lenses, so if you’ve been wishing your lens would get featured more often, you may see it come true.

“We won’t be shy about locking spam or junk or abandoned Groups over the next few months.”

SquidU forum users have been asking for this for a long time. Most savvy lensmasters know that poorly run groups are more of a drain than a boost for our lenses. We don’t want the lens that we worked so hard on lumped in with just any old fluff.

What this means for lensmasters:

In addition to the groups that have been voluntarily closed since the announcement, we’ll be seeing a lot of our other groups disbanded in the future. Even if you’re pretty careful about the groups you join, if they’ve been abandoned, they’re getting the boot! Our lenses will have a much shorter group list as a result.

Though this may temporarily cause drops in lens rank, it could be offset by improvements made in groups that are here to stay. Only the SquidTeam knows for sure what lensrank will be doing.
It also means that we’ll never have to comb through endless groups looking for the ones that have something good to offer.

High five!


  1. Interesting. I did not know about this.

  2. I love that you put a positive spin on this. Well done. It has been traumatizing for some. Your insight will help I'm sure.

  3. A lot of people do seem very distressed by the whole thing. Change can be hard, but we've got to look ahead to the good things that these changes can bring us.

    Imagine SquidooGroups being truly helpful - as they were always intended to be!


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